Friday 3 November 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 006 - HUB PLOTT

Hub Plott from the USA sent over photos of his amazing "Raccoon Models" experimental IJAAF & IJNAF aircraft collection, all resin and in 1/48, as an opening salvo to our 6th model contest. I'm sure you will agree the models and especially the subjects are more than interesting. Hub asked me to choose and upload the models I liked the most but I just couldn't separate them. You can vote for the collection as a whole or for the individual models.  
Kawasaki Ki-119 
Nakajima Ki-87  

Kawasaki Ki-60
Manshu Ki-98
Nakajima Ki-201 "Karyu" 
Kawanishi J6K1 "Jinpu"
Aichi S1A1 "Denko


Arawasi said...

I vote 4.9 for the whole collection. Although technically not perfect as models, Hub gets a high score for the originality of the subjects, the correct markings and overall finish and for the excellent results with difficult resin kits.
My favorite is the Aichi "Denko" even though on this model the markings are more "what-if".

The kit slayer said...

I like the whole collection. I can understand why some of the subjects have a "whatif" air about them. Ill vote 4.2.

Toryu said...

An intriguing series of x-planes and a commendable effort to collect and build them all. As George wrote, the modelling is rather basic - why not more variation in camouflage? My favourite is the Ki-87, just because it stands out in its natural metal appearance and because it actually existed. My vote overall is 4.5

d. Chouinard said...

A very interesting collection! I like the Ki-98, the "Jinpu", and the "denko" the best. Taking the whole collection in as one, I'll vote 4.7. Resin kits are never easy, a great effort!

Raketenmann said...

Very nice collection. Some of the planes might need a little more effort in the colour-finish. I think building the japanese always brings the important task of making the green/grey/yellow-orange still look intersting. over all: 4.6