Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Shizuoka 2018 pt.3

O-bi-zu (Tokyo)
Note the beautiful "Hayabusa" by Tenma-san. The kit is probably the old Sankyo and Tenma-san explains that the fuselage is 1/75 and the wings 1/72 and that he vacformed the canopy. Absolutely beautiful looking for such an old kit in that scale. 

 Yokohama Sundowners (Yokohama)

Tobanai-kai (Kansai area)

 Zu - Klone (Fukushima Pref.) 

Flying Tigers (Osaka)
This club puts together a huge diorama every year and this show was no exception. Of particular interest was the "Gekko" that could take off and land and ofcourse the amazing building.


Toryu said...

Very nice models indeed. My favourites are the Mavis, the Fugaku(?), the collection of Okhas and the surfing Pete. Thanks for posting the pictures, George.

Eric Vogel said...

Beautiful paintjobs on these little gems !!

David S. said...

Those large dioramas are impressive for sure. I like the group effort, the models individually are great too, but the airfield building is the real highlight to me!