Monday 15 July 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 012 - MICHAEL FURRY

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 Val
This is the very old 1/48 Fujimi D3A1 "Val". Despite its age, the model has very fine surface details, is covered in tiny almost invisible rivets, and is quite easy to build. I built this model quite a few years ago using it as a test bed for painting markings and using colored pencils for weathering techniques. I replaced the pitot tube as it looked more like a broom handle and made the wing bomb racks from various pieces of scrap plastic. All of the markings except for the tail code were painted using masking tape strips and circle stencils. Finally, the antenna wire was made from a piece of stretched black sprue.

- Michael Furry, USA -


Arawasi said...

That's very decent effort although a bit "simple". High points for the painted markings but I see some issues with the canopy. I would have liked as bit more weathering especially on the fuselage sides where the crew steps to get into the cockpit and the bomb. But very nice overall. 8.5

Eric Vogel said...

Overall look of this kit is great. A bit of variation in the green tone would have been nice but that's a personal matter.
For me a 9

Anonymous said...

Very nice effort. Pluses for using an old kit, a little scratch building, and painting the markings instead of using decals. A solid 9 from me.

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Baronvonrob said...

Such a nice example and the painted on markings are indeed very impressive

9 please :)

D. Chouinard said...

Just goes to show, old kits can build up into a fine model. 9

MH said...

I give 9,5 for the kit.
Hard to built as a vintage model. The result is very good.
Maybe I would wish myself more gleaming black but this is only my opinion.


Honza78 said...

Beautiful model. rate 9.5.
About abrasions. If my memory is not deceiving and not becoming stupid, was the aircraft carrier union before the attack on Pearl Harbor, equipped with new aircraft? Because in that case, the model would be too worn. But who knows. :)