Sunday 21 July 2019

Pilot uniforms and equipment - IJNAF #3

Three IJNAF instruments today that were recently sold on the Japanese ebay.
First up is a standard Navy Model 3 altimeter manufactured by Tanaka Keiki Seisakusho.
The tag reads: "Kodokei 3 gata Kai 1" (Altimeter Model 3-kai 1) - Number: 301150 - Date:  - Tanaka Keiki Seisakujo"


Some indications can glow in the dark. Until about 1941 Japan used the highly radioactive radium (take a look here for an interesting case) on instruments but also watches. From 1942 its use was gradually replaced by material that would glow in the dark after exposure to heat or light although it was not completely phased out of use until the end of the war.   
Next is a standard Navy clock, not in very good condition, which from 1942 was almost always seen hanging in the front of a pilot's uniform instead placed in the instrument panel.


The engraving on the rear is not very clear but reads: armory, 13025
And finally a beautiful sextant.

 The tag reads: "Type 93 Air Bubble Sextant, 1945, January, No. 860, Tamaya Shoten Co.Ltd."


Harold K said...

The sextant is wonderful.
During the Pacific War, one of the most sought-after souvenirs for Allied servicemen was a pair of IJN binoculars. They were of exceptional quality, with light-gathering ability at night far better than those used by the USN or RN.
I would think there is a good market for these binoculars in Japan today. Do you see them offered online?

Arawasi said...

Not very often but occasionaly they come up on sale bringing big money depending on the condition.