Saturday 16 May 2020

Nakajima E8N1 "Dave" By Michael Furry WIP#5

Mike had been working on his "Dave" slowly and carefully all last year and here is the work in progress.

He experimented with hairspray to achieve an oxidized look on the floats and center wing section.

The next step was to work on the fuselage. He mentioned:
"I used hairspray and GSI Creos light gray to "distress" the area around the cockpit and on the lower forward fuselage. I figured the salt water environment would give these areas a nice patina." 


The next step was to seal everything with a clear coat and start using water colors to add more interest. Then, it was time for the markings.

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Honza78 said...

The oxidized surface looks excellent !!! It's a wonderful piece of work.

Brendan McGovern said...

That's an interesting technique, and I like the results. Thank you for posting!

Best wishes,
Brendan McGovern

Anonymous said...

Very convincing and would love to see a full WIP that includes additional information on the techniques