Monday 1 June 2020

IJAAF & IJNAF wrecked aircraft #22 - Japan

And in this final post of Japanese wrecked aircraft in Japan, two videos are featured showing how the occupied forces dealt with the aircraft they found. Neither the videos nor "Broken Wings" mention the exact locations.



And as promised here are the sources/links for all the videos in this series.

Atsugi pt. 1
Atsugi1 - here
Atsugi2 - here
Atsugi3 - here

Atsugi pt. 2
Atsugi4 - here
Atsugi5 - here
Atsugi6 - here

Atsugi pt. 3
Atsugi7 - here
Atsugi pt. 4
Atsugi8 - here

Atsugi pt. 5
Atsugi9 - here
Atsugi16 - here

Atsugi pt. 6
Atsugi10 - here
Atsugi11 - here
Atsugi12 - here
Atsugi13 - here
Atsugi14 - here
Atsugi17 - here
Atsugi15 - Smithsonian Channel via Jacob Terlouw

Atsugi pt. 7
Atsugi18 - here
Atsugi19 - here
Atsugi20 - here
Atsugi21 - here
Atsugi22 - here

For today's post the links are: here & here


Jacob Terlouw said...

“Genda’s Blade” mentions Omura as the airbase where the Shidens and the Tabby were burned.


Danilo said...

What sad and senseless images!! The worst is that nothing has been salvaged from the fire, not a single plane. It seems as if the victors were in a hurry to establish their rule...