Monday 15 June 2020

IJAAF & IJNAF wrecked aircraft #27 - Okinawa Pt.5 Extra

We had decided to wrap up the Okinawa wrecks, when we remembered to take a look at another video source. We found two rather interesting videos and a third one that is extremely interesting as you will see below.

The first two, from here and here, feature the "Hayate" without tail marking and the "KEA-395" "Nell".

The third video, from here, that I hadn't seen until recently features a variety of wrecked types, but of particular interest is the Kawasaki Ki-48 "Lily" in the foreground. 

Here are some stills that show the tail marking and the most unusual for an Army aircraft "フ-29" (FU-29); note the repetition of the number 29 on the nose. The tail marking doesn't correspond to any known unit. 

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