Saturday 18 December 2021

Heads Up! - "Pacific Profiles Vol.5" by M.J. Claringbould

"Pacific Profiles Volume five - Japanese Navy Zero Fighters (land-based) New Guinea and the Solomons 1942-1944" by Michael John Claringbould with Ed DeKiep & Ryan Toews, published by Avonmore Books
120 pages, 62 photos of which 10 in colour, 101 profiles all in colour!

Illustrated by unit are abundant examples of varied markings, tail codes, leadership hallmarks and camouflage schemes which appeared on the thirteen Air Groups (Kokutai) operating in the theatre from February 1942 to February 1944. Each of the 101 profiles is supported by primary source material including colour photos, Japanese records, POW interrogations, technical reports, post-war wreck examinations and Allied intelligence summaries. These are accompanied by brief histories of each unit and notes on the changing nature of each unit's markings.
Never before have such accurate profiles been presented. Past errors are corrected, and many new markings including hokoku (patriotic) Kanji are presented for the first time. 

A quite interesting publication, very helpful and inspiring, especially for modellers.
Thank you MC for the sample copy.

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Kevin Bade said...

A really great book. One of the best ever on Zero camo and markings. We Japanese aircraft fans are blessed lately with some fantastic books like your Eagle Eye #3 on the Ki-21 & BR.20 which is stunning in all respects.