Monday, 8 May 2023

Manshyu Ki-79 Trainers in Indonesia

A set of photos I recently located in the Dutch National Archives of Manshyu Ki-79 trainers found at the end of the war in Indonesia.
The above were shot at Bandung airfield, in West Java. Note the bomb attachments indicating a tokko aircraft.
The next two were in Telok Betung, Sumatra (present-day Bandar Lampung).
It's a two-seater and note the "Nate" metal drop tank under the starboard wing.
The location of the quite dramatic last one is unfortunately not mentioned.
No tail markings are clearly visible.


Jacob said...

Nice pic's George, almost all of 'm are never published before on the WWW.
this picture is Never published before- until now. The soldier on the nose of
the Mavis(at Surabaya N.A.S.was my sergeant back in 1965 on Soesterberg
airbase.He told that he served there for two years. This photo was the only
one of that Naval Air Station.
The wingtip is of a n Aichi H9A1,the F1M2 and theG4M2 have AURI markings

/Volumes/JWT/Auri a:c at Surabaya.jpg

Arawasi said...

Thanks, Jacob. Very confusing comment though. "Mavis"?

Jacob said...

Correction about my former comment: it was the only photo that my sergeant had of Surabaya N.A.S.
The aerial photo: source Dutch national archive.