Friday 19 May 2023

SHIZUOKA 2023 pt.5

Time for the BEST and MOST INTERESTING Imperial Japanese (and more) aircraft of the show as we saw them. (Sorry for the quality of the photos)

The Hasegawa "Hayate" of Master Modeller Saito-san was in our opinion the best and most interesting "out-of-the-box" Japanese aircraft model of the show. Hands down.

Saito-san's Koster "Nell" was absolutely amazing. The level of finish Saito-san can achieve is beyond this world.

"Osiire Modellers" booth was mostly dedicated to "Operation Vengeance" against Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, 80 years since his death. There were super detailed "Betty" models showing the aircraft as they are now, give or take. Best overall booth presentation.

A beautiful Misawa Kokutai, 2nd Chutai "Betty" (Tamiya 1/48) by "Betty Expert" Kobayashi-san

A breathtaking "Emily" in 1/72 by "MiniSukeya"

A really interesting Manchukuo Aviation Co.,Ltd. Junkers Ju 86 by Kato-san. The particular aircraft, M-220, was named "Ginryu" (Silver Dragon)

A VERY funky A6M2-K-N (!!!) by Shimada-san. How original!

Another extra super cool model by Shimada-san. A "Betty" "Nell" "Jake" combo.

This Mitsubishi Ki-109 is not as straightforward as you may think at first glance. Matsumoto-san really worked to make this "Hiryu" interceptor on steroids really special! I love it! Makes me want to build one too.
Note the RATOGs on the tail!

Among Gundam snooze fest contributions was this hidden gem, lonely, untagged and unnamed. I believe it's a Raccoon Model "Tenrai" in 1/48. I asked the guys behind the booth and they had no idea who it was by or what the plane was. Some visitor must have left it there! No?

A completely scratch-built Mitsubishi A5M3 (Type 96 3Go Carrier Fighter) in 1/32, by Yoshida-san of the "3Shoku-kai". Very original and definitely gripping.

Two more scratch-built beauties by "Hamamatsu BMC" chairman, Suzuki-san, who unfortunately passed away in 2022 .

As always, Komuro-san, dominated the scratch-built models with his astonishing collection of IJAAF aircraft in 1/48 and 1/32.

But the biggest surprise this year was the absolutely incredible Aichi AB-1 Passenger Seaplane, the legendary J-BAKL, in 1/32, by Suzuki-san. Completely scratch-built!!!!! AMAZING!!!

In my opinion, the absolutely best Japanese aircraft model of the show was the Kawasaki Ki-102 created by Kotoku-san (?) in 1/48. It's the Sanger vac form. Do I need to repeat this? I can't even begin to imagine the level of difficulty and the time it took to build such an exquisite model. 


Harold K said...

<< shakes head >>
No words for many of these exceptional replicas.
A shout out to the photographer for fine work while hemmed in by the crowd.

PS I think that lovely Ju-86Z should have dark blue engine nacelles; but no matter. Excellent work.

Michael Thurow said...

Thanks for these pictures George! Some great models there.

I agree that too many boring Kobayashi 24 are being presented, also in modeller forums. The recent blotch decals don't make it better since there's no challenge anymore now for the modeller.
Anyway, I enjoy the lesser known models that you show us here.

Cheers, Michael