Wednesday 7 March 2012

Mitsubishi "Karigane"

A photo from a vintage publication showing the Asahi Shimbun "Amakaze" (Heavenly Wind) before receiving the civilian designation J-BAAO. Asahi received "Amakaze" in 1939 on loan from the Navy after "Asakaze", another "Babs" from their fleet, was "conscripted".
The inscription under the fuselage reads "Asahi Dai 121go" (Asahi No. 121), the number within the newspaper fleet (it does not mean that Asahi had 120+ a/c in their fleet.)

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Unknown said...

Hello, Very nice information. Was the Asahi Asakaze the one registered as J-BAAL ?

Is it the one that was later painted in military camouflage ?