Wednesday 21 March 2012

Yokosho B3Y1 (Type 92 Carrier Attack bomber)

A photo from a vintage publication of a Yokosho B3Y1 operating during the opening stages of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. The type was produced by Aichi (75), Watanabe (23) and Hirosho (about 30). The Aichi built planes had twin blade propellers while those produced by Watanabe and Hirosho were with 4-blade propellers, like the one in this photo.


Harold K said...

I am completely unfamiliar with this wonderfully ugly biplane.'
Thanks for presenting it.

Alcides said...

Great picture of a very interesting aircraft. I hope to modell it in the future.
Regards from Argentina

Arawasi said...

Thank you Harold and Alcides. Greetings to Argentina from Japan.