Tuesday 29 May 2012

Douglas DC-3

Civilian DC-3s were named after trees. This one with the J-BDOJ registry belonged to Dai Nippon Koku KK and was named "Tachibana". Check here for more on the tachibana tree which is not "orange" as this nevertheless most useful site mentions. 

Although not visible, the registration for this DC-3 was J-BDOL, belonged to Dai Nippon Koku and was named "Kashiwa". Again, take a look here for the kashiwa tree.

A dramatic forward view of an unidentified DC-3.

Douglas DC-3 interior lay-out as shown in this Japanese illustration.

 An "Air Girl", as the flight attendants were called at the time, at work. 

"Air Girls" of Dai Nippon Koku pose for the camera.

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