Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 013

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


In the Hasegawa booth there were a few models that won the anual "Joyful Modellers' Convention of Hasegawa". One of the most impressive was the Nakajima B5N in 1/48 by Mizuguchi-san. Crew and flight deck are scratch built and the whole project was completed in one month!!!!

Another model from the JMC contest was the Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" in 1/32 built by Furuno-san, in 60 working hours!!!

A very unusual Raiden. Nichimo 1/72 (!!!) built by Blog Modelers member "hinomaru kokutai".

A really battered Hasegawa Raiden built by Tokushima Modelers Club member Yoshimoto-san. Excellent work on the engine.

Two Raiden in captured markings with no other data.

Aichi D3A1, Fujimi 1/48, by NonStock member Matsumura-san.
Hand paint markings.

One more (Val), Hasegawa 1/48, by Nomura-san.

A really very impressive (Val), Hasegawa 1/48, by Tokushima Modelers Club member Matsumoto-san.

Very clean Yokosuka D4Y2 "Suisei", Fine Molds 1/48, by Sugisaki-san

A lone D4Y2-S night fighter, Fine Molds 1/48, no other data.

Aichi B7A "Ryusei", Hasegawa 1/48, by DOGEN member Matsumoto-san.
Interesting paint job and very nice flight deck.

Lost in a huge presentation, a small Mitsubishi B5M, Hasegawa 1/72, no other data.

A turbosupercharged Nakajima C6N2 "Saiun", Fujimi 1/72,
by Museo 72 member "Paisuke"

Nakajima J1N "Gekko", Fujimi 1/72, by another Museo 72 member Iwao-san

Beautiful Mitsubishi G3M (Nell), Hasegawa 1/72, by Nasu-san.
Hand painted!!!

Aichi E11A1, Fujimi 1/72, by Oikawa-san

Yokosuka K5Y2, Otaki 1/48, no other data.

Too many Ohka this year. Too many...

Two Yokosuka MXY7 "Ohka", Fine Molds 1/48,
by Osaka Prototype member Kondo-san

Three Ohka, Fine Molds 1/48, by Kato-san.
The cockpit of the twin seater is scratch built.

A dramatic diorama with a fantastic (considering the kit) Aichi E13A (Jake), Hasegawa 1/72 and a PT117, Revel 1/72 by "KCC Yoshioka Kazuya Mokei Club

I hope you are not tired with all the photos. Tomorrow is the last posting with experimental, X-planes, what-if and best-of-the-best.

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