Monday 21 May 2012


We start the presentation of the modeler's creations with the Zeros. Naturally they were the most numerous Japanese airplane modeling subject with participations in every scale and model makers. Nevertheless there was a puzzling absence of Zero A6M2-K trainers, A6M2-Ns (Rufe) and high quality dioramas. I have to admit that I didn't see any really stunning Zeros (except the solid one by Katsuragi-san) leaving me with the impression that the subject is fast becoming passé. Which in turn means that modelers prefer other, more unusual subjects and that became obvious with the most satisfactory variety of models that appeared on the exhibition tables as we will see in the following postings.

First up is a group built by Blog Modelers (here) of no less than nine Zeros in 1/72.

The best Zero presentation by Blog Modelers member, "hinomaru kokutai". Fine Molds 1/72 with scratch built frame. 

A nice Tamiya A6M2 in 1/48 by Mikansei Team member Asada-san.

Old Tamiya A6M5hei in 1/48 by another Mikansei Team member, Ooyama-san.

A tribute to Zero Ace Sakai Saburo in 1/48, Tamiya, by one more Mikansei Team member, Ogino-san.

Hasegawa A6M2 in 1/48 by Mokei No Kai Wadachi member Sakamoto-san.

Hasegawa A6M3 1/48 by Blue Magic member Sakaguchi-san. Brush painted.

A very impressive scratch built wooden A6M5 in 1/32 by Zenkoku Solid Model Club Rengokai (a get-together of six different solid model clubs from around Japan) and Saiun Kai member, Katsuragi-san. Prop, flaps etc are all movable. Best Zero of the show in our opinion.

Tamiya A6M2 in 1/32 by Fuji Wing 8 member, Ichiji-san.

Fine Molds A6M5 and Ace model Kurogane in 1/72 by Osaka Prototype member, Kondo-san.

Fine Molds A6M3 in 1/72 by another Osaka Prototype member, Nishimoto-san. Brush painted.

Fine Molds A6M2 in 1/72 by one more Osaka Prototype member, "yasenyahiro".

And now, time for some rather "unusual" Zeros.

Airfix 1/72 inspired by 50 year old Aurora box art by Blue Magic member, "yellowman".

Hasegawa 1/48 aerobatic Zero-sen by MGS member, Adachi-san.

Who said Japanese airplanes can't be fun! Tamiya A6M5 with traditional Japanese gold-lacquered design by Nagoya Mokei Aikokai member, "fukucho".


D. Chouinard said...

Beautiful work, I love the Zero in the packing crate! The last three photos show that you don't always have to "stay between the lines" when it comes to painting your Zero.
Very inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Hi George,
I like very much the model showing a disassembled reisen in its wooden crate.

Is such crate the standard for the IJN; I imagine that originally it was covered with canvas or wooden planks for protection against weather, isn't it?

Luca Ruffato