Friday 25 May 2012

SHIZUOKA 2012 #6 - Best of the best of the best

Fantastic Yokosuka P1Y "Ginga", 1/50, by Tokushima Modelers Club member Yokoyama-san. Scratch built, solid wood with vacform parts and hand paint.

Mitsubishi 3MT3 in 1/50, by Fukushima-ken Hamadori Mokei Seishaku Aikokai member Akatsuka-san

Akatsuka-san also built a Mitsubishi B2M2 in 1/50

BEAUTIFUL Type Ko Fighter (Nieuport 29C1) in 1/32
by Matsudo Meisaikai member Komuro-san.
All scratch built.

Komuro-san also built a Type Ko-3 fighter (Nieuport 24C) and an Otsu-1 Recce (Salmson 2A2) in 1/144. Also scratch built.   

My personal favorite, Nakajima J5N1 "Tenrai", Racoon Models 1/48, by Ikeda-san

The booth of All-Japan Solid Model Group (a get-together of solid model groups from around Japan) had some really spectacular models.

Kawasaki KD5 in 1/25 by Osaka Solid Model
Club "Saiun-kai" member Nishino-san

 BEST model of the show was the Mitsubishi Ki-46 "Dinah" by Ichioka-san.
In 1/32 ALL scratch built. Ichikoa-san had been working on the model for more than ten years!!!! The canopy is removable to show the super detailed cockpit. Engine and wheel wells are also super detailed.

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