Friday 22 March 2013

Japanese X-plane Library #2

Title: "Rikugun Shisaku Sentoki - Army Experimental Fighters"
Author: Various
Published by: Bunrindo 1990 p/b, In print
Pages: 96, Size: 18X26cm, Photos: 138 b/w, Illustrations: b/w drawings for each type.

An important publication for all the IJAAF X-fighters of the usual practical and light Bunrindo size, in low price. It combines material from the previously published FAOW#76 & #94 and is highly recommended for the photographic material. 

Types covered: Kawasaki Ki-5, Nakajima Ki-8, Nakajima Ki-11, Nakajima Ki-12, Mitsubishi Ki-18, Kawasaki Ki-28, Mitsubishi Ki-33, Kawasaki Ki-60, Kawasaki Ki-64, Mitsubishi Ki-83, Nakajima Ki-87, Tachikawa Ki-94, Kawasaki Ki-96, Kawasaki Ki-102 and Kawasaki Ki-108.

Also the following articles:
1. "Army Experimental Fighters Ki-8~Ki-94" - various authors
2. "From Ki-96 to Ki-102" - Nemoto Tsuyoshi (or Takeshi) (Former Kawasaki engineer)
3. "Ki-108/Ki-108Kai high altitude fighter" - Doi Takeo (introduction not necessary)
4. "Army Experimental Fighters that remained plans" - Akimoto Minoru
5. "Army Experimental Fighters from the notes of a test department member" - Kimura Noboru (Member of the Army Test Department with the rank of Major)
6. Data for each type
7. Drawings by Nohara Shigeru

The book is all in Japanese and highly recommended to all Japanese X-plane fans.

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