Wednesday 29 May 2013

"Evalina" by Cameron Lohmann

Our friend Cameron Lohmann "Fluffysmodels" built this brilliant Mustang using our Arawasi/Abe decals and explained:

"1/48 scale Tamiya kit number 42 "Noth American P-51B Mustang"; "Evalina" was a P51C. To get the metal finish I used Testors gloss metallic silver enamel as a base. Then, I masked some panels off and painted them with a variety of Tamiya metallic acrylics to give a different tone to dfferent parts. Other colors are also Tamiya acrylics. Kit decals first. Then the Arawasi set. It all worked so well.
That hoop antenna is from a Hasegawa P40 kit. It took some effort but it looks fine in my opinion."
Than you very much Cameron for the photos and your friendly comments. Glad our decals worked so good for you.
The decal set is available from our on-line store, HERE.


D. Chouinard said...

Looks real good!

I like the small Testors paint bottle in place of the barrel shown in the artwork. :)

Seriously through, fine work and a nice finish. I hope mine will look that good when I get around to building it.


Fluffy said...


Thank you for The kind words and pointing out the bottle under the tail. I thought it seemed fitting. ;)

I became captivated by the story of the "Evalina" when I first saw a pic of the plane on the net. So good to find a decal set. And a high quality one at that!

Sad that the plane went down due to the magneto going out. I wanted the story to go on :)