Sunday 19 May 2013

SHIZUOKA 2013 - pt. 2

This year a record 228 modelling clubs from all over Japan exhibited literally thousands of models. There was a VERY HIGH number of Japanese aircraft entries with a great variety in subjects that made us really happy. As you can see Zero-sens were the most popular but this year there were surprisingly quite a few pre-War aircraft entries. The level of Japanese aircraft modelling was satisfactory but there were fewer really spectacular entries than last year.

This time we will present the creations of the modellers not by subject but by club starting with Hasegawa's Joyful Modeller's Convention.

Nakajima "Shoki" by Yoshida Akira (84 yo)
Hasegawa 1:32, built in 300h.
Mitsubishi F1M "Pete" by Abe Eiji
Hasegawa 1:48, built in 120 days.


Zero by Suda Takanori (18yo)
Hasegawa 1:48, built in 60h. 

 "Shiden" by Imai Katsuhisa
 (15yo) Hasegawa 1:48.

Silver "Raiden" by Ninomiya Toshio,
Hasegawa 1:32, built in 200h.

"Tenzan" by Usami Hadahiro (17yo)
Hasegawa 1:48, built in 45h.
Colorful "Shinden" by miss Noguchi Yurie (7yo!!!)
Hasegawa 1:72.
Biplane Modelers Summit.
Mr Gomi submited three models.
Nakajima A2N, Fine Molds 1:72

Kawasaki Ki-10, ICM 1:72

Bleriot-Spad S.51, AZ Model 1:72
Haneda Hane Hane Club

Type Ko-3 Fighter (Nieuport 24) by Yamagishi Seiji
Roden 1:72
Sopwith Camel by Yamagishi Seiji
Roden 1:72

"Spruce" by Sawatake Shinichiro
Nichimo 1:48

Kawasaki Ki-10 by Ogasawara Hideaki (?)
Fine molds 1:48

"Willow" by Ogasawara Hideaki (?)
Arii 1:48

"Pete" on the deck of Fuso
by Sawatake Shinichiro
Hasegawa 1:48

"Moke Sakuru Non-Stoku" club
 Matsumura Toshiro-san contributed eight models.

"Val", Fujimi 1:48,
all markings hand painted
finished in 5 weeks
Nakajima B5N "Kate", Nichimo 1:48,
all markings hand painted
finished in 1 month (!)


"Oscar", Hasegawa 1:48

A marvelous Tamiya (!!!) "Pete"
in 1:50 finished in 2 weeks!!!

"Rufe, Hasegawa 1:48

"Toryu", Hasegawa 1:48, finished in 10 days.
"Excelent kit" according to Matsumura-san.

"Hard & Light" club from Shizuoka prefecture

D4Y2-S "Judy" by Suzuki Jun
Fine Molds 1:48
"Francis", no details, 1:72

Many more photos tomorrow!

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