Saturday 21 September 2013

Kawanishi H6K "Mavis"

Two photos from a vintage publication of a Type 97 Transport Flying-Boat or Kawanishi (probably) H6K4-L.  

A rather dramatic shot of the same plane with two crew members on the wing.


Jacob Terlouw said...

Mavis is a real beauty, one of the finest flying boats.
I think she's alighting with two engines not running and I don't believe the crew members can stay there when she is making speed for take-off.
I'd like to see more of her!


Anonymous said...

Inner engines are shut down probably taxing cross wind in a high wind judging by the wave action The weight of the crewmen keep the upwind wing from rising too much and submerging the downwind outrigger float. If the outrigger goes under the the wing tip would probably follow leading to a possible capsizing in the the strong cross wind. Pat D