Thursday 26 September 2013


Two new publications were just released in Japan.

The first is a book entitled "Kaigun Suijoki-tai" (Navy seaplane unit) and is a collection of articles written by veterans who flew seaplanes and flying boats, originally featured in old MARU magazine issues. All in Japanese and most interesting to those who can speak the language.
Size: 13X19cm, 344p, 52 b/w well-known photos, published by Ushioshobo Kojinsha, Sept. 2013, p/b.  

The second is a reprint in paperback of the excellent photo album "Tatakau Zero Sen" by one of the most prolific Japanese authors Watanabe Yoji.
Original h/b
The new "Tatakau Zero Sen - Taiintachi no Shashin-shu" (Fighting Zero Fighter - Members' Photo Album), below, is published by Bungei Shunju, size: 18X25cm, 192p. 360 b/w photos, a lot of them not featured in any other publication.


The book is sold alone or accompanied by a brilliant Tamiya A6M2 in 1/72 and either version is highly recommended and should not be missed.

Both publications are available through our on-line store. Simply send us an email if interested for prices including postage etc.


Peter.Monoton said...


I have found on the homepage go publisher Bungei Shunju this insight in the book:

The pages looks to be the same as the Yoji Watanabe "Tatakau Zero Sen" original (I have bought a copy via ebay 2 weeks ago:) ).

I want to ask if the book is the same as the original or if not what is different in the books?

How much is the price for the book and with SAL shipping to Slovak Republic?

Thank you

Arawasi said...

Hello Peter,
sorry for the delay to reply. The author mentions that it's a reprint.
I don't have a copy of the older publication at hand to compare them page by page. But in our short review the number of pages and photos is mentioned and I just added 3 sample pages. Your link also has some sample pages. If they are exactly the same with the older publication then we can assume that it's an exact reprint.

Peter.Monoton said...


Thank you for reply :)
Yes it looks like a reprint with no changes. It is a very good book on zero subject with some uknown pictures.