Tuesday 24 September 2013

Kawanishi H8K2-L RC model

Our friend Devlin Chouinard sent us a heads-up ont his amazing video of a HUGE RC Navy Type 2 Transport Flying Boat "Seiku" or Kawanishi H8K2-L.
He mentioned: "A truly BIG model, and very impressive. Not a very good landing, but at least there wasn't so much damage to where it sank!"
Unfortunately we have no further info as to who built and flew it or when. If  you know we'd like very much to let us know.


Panagiotis said...

A lovely Emily and an adorable Betty! I love this video!

Harold K said...

What a wonderful video!
Those guys (the Emily crew) are completely insane, of course :o)
After the Betty sequence, the screen goes black and two lines of script appear. Translate that for us, please?

Arawasi said...

Hi Harold,
at 0:28 it says "Heisei 3 (1991), May 24"
I'm not sure if this is the date the Betty flew or the Emily.

Harold K said...

Cheers George.