Wednesday 14 October 2015

2015 - 34th IPMS Hellas Nationals

The 34th show of IPMS Hellas took place from October 1st to 4th. Photos of some of the Japanese subject entries courtesy of Alexandros Angelopoulos.





Many more photos here and of all the models, here.                                                                     


jacob Terlouw said...

O.k. a lot of nice built kits! But as far as I'm concerned Takis is the winner!


Fluffy said...

I agree. Of what I saw I like his best.

Pankoub said...

Thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

What is the bomber? Can't identify it.


Pankoub said...

It's the G3M Nell. 1/72 scale. Alexandros won the gold medal for it!