Friday 30 October 2015

Japanese Spad 13C1

In 1919, Japan imported four Spad 13C1 from France. A year later and following the arrival of the French Mission Japan ordered 96 more aircraft from France which became "Type Su Model 13" while in Japanese service. The first Japanese fighter units were organised around these fighters which in December 1921 were renamed "Type Hei, Model 1 Fighters". Some were equipped with automatic aerial cameras to serve in the fast reconnaissance role. All the Spads arrived in Japan with their original French war camouflage paint. Below are two vintage post cards from our collection featuring Spad number "18970". These postcards were colourized but although their colour accuracy is highly in doubt, they nevertheless provide a very interesting glimpse of these vintage fighters in Japanese service. Note the very early uniforms of the maintenance crew members and the vintage car in the background. 


Pankoub said...

Very good reference for a beautiful diorama!

David Brizzard said...

Although I am not into aircraft of that era, this is a most
interesting subject. Thank you for the posting. It would also
be most welcome if you could find these color post cards for
aircraft in the mid to late 1930's. Keep up the good work.

Danilo said...

Dear George,
that's why you were so interested in the Spad at the Italian Air Force MUseum in Bracciano! I didn't realize that Japan lined up such an aircraft in its armed forces - although this is not my preferred subject I must admit these two postcards are really a temptation for modelers. An absolutely interesting posting. Thanks for your invaluable work.