Saturday 3 October 2015

Kawasaki Ki-48 "Sokei" (Lily) by Panagiotis Koubetsos FINISHED! Photo Set 2

And here's the second photo set of Panagioti's exquisite diorama with a different, more natural background. 

Panagiotis won the bronze medal in the recent Greek IPMS competition for the Lily diorama and understandably he is a bit disappointed after all the time and effort he invested in this most demanding project. From what you see in the photos, what do you think he could have done to make this diorama even better?





Anonymous said...

I have been looking at the pictures for 10 minutes now, and I still have not picked up my lower jaw from off the floor! Great job Takis. Your work belongs in a museum.

Wind Swords

The kit slayer said...

Amazing!! not a word I use often. Great work,thank you for sharing this.

Pankoub said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments!

ReneDK said...

Although I've followed the build throughout and think you've done an amazing job on the Lily, I'm somewhat disappointed at the final execution of the diorama as it just doesn't seem to convey any kind of story. Looking at it I find myself questioning what caused the engine failure? Why has the aircraft crashed in the manner it has? Would an engine failure of this nature cause such a crash? Why are the crew being treated in the manner they are, would they have suffered injuries after a crash like this? I think not. I also question why the panel is missing off the RH engine as it seems odd? Also what is the relevance of a fuel tanker near the aircraft? To me the diorama seems to lack any central point of focus and therefore the story - if there is one - is either lost or not evident, which probably explains why you received the award that you did. Personally I'd have placed the figures in such a manner as to convey "that good landing is one that you can walk away from". These are just my thoughts for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

"From what you see in the photos, what do you think he could have done to make this diorama even better?"

Bribe the judges! [Just kidding ;-)]

Wind Swords

Fluffy said...

I love this build but I agree with the story notion. I found myself looking all over the plane searching for bullet holes. I was trying to see what made this happen. Some battle damage on the right side would have gone a long way to help draw the viewer in. He or she can think, "Oh that side really got shot up. Look at all that lost oil! And the landing gear on that side failed on landing."

I still think this is a super build though! Much better than I could do!


Pankoub said...

Rene the truck some times carried water instead of fuel hence the blue kanji character on the tank. The story indeed suffers a little as I had intended to create an abandoned N Guinea landscape but having wrongly been informed I chose a camo scheme intended for a Lily operating in Malaysia some yrs back. I had to choose between spraying a new camo or changing the time and place of the diorama. Mistakes are mistakes though and you're right in pointing out some of them. What I do not understand, however, is why you made another more aggressive comment on the Facebook since you made yourself quite clear in this blog.Anyhow bronze is bronze and I have to admit that it is what I deserved, not for the construction of the vehicles but for the inaccuracies of the other elements. Giorgo, thanks for your support, the guys in Greece gave me persuasive explanations and Lily is history. Thank you all for your comments!

Calin Ungureanu said...

I guessed that the engine failure happened prior to landing for a reason other than bulets.
Judging from the tracks leaved by the truck tires, the field was damp. This will explain, along with a wrong landing speed (due to the engine failure) and a landing on one wheel first, the breaking of the landing gear (first to touch the land) and then a glide on the muddy soil.
I guess this will explain the position depicted.
The crew could be injured because of the shock of the landing. Some hit the instruments or walls of the battle station, others are just accusing the landing shock.
Unfortunately, the beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and judging a modelling piece is all the way subjective, no matter how many files documenting your work, you depose along with your model.
For the record, I loved this piece of japanese modeling from the very beginning and I still give it a gold in my scale of values.
I haven't seen other works from that contest to know if there were others to take the gold and silver.
I have a Lily at 1/72 and I will at least try to inspire myself from your construction and painting.
As a consolation, I took gold in some contest not with what I expected and considered my best, but with a piece that in my opinion was a mere candidate for a modest mention.
Maybe it's a thing of taste. My taste over the jury's taste.

Arawasi said...

For the record, I totally agree with what Calin said.

Anonymous said...

Calin Ungureanu brings up a good point. Is there anyway to see the projects that won gold and silver (post pics or a URL address)? That would go a long way to explaining the bronze awarded here.

Regardless, I am a huge fan of Panagiotis' work!

Wind Swords

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work! I am enjoying just looking at all the detail that you have created. Also, I must confess, I am very jealous of your ability to spend 15 months on this single project. Time well spent I think! If I had to pick things for special mention, it would be your paintwork and your scratchbuilding skills. I love the engine that has been thrown from it's mounts - very believable. The thrown oil looks to be just that as well! Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Matt Kessler

Pankoub said...

Thank you for your nice comments and remarks.It seems that after all I'm not well acquainted with the rules of setting a diorama and to tell you the truth I don't care.much about it. I received lots of tips about how I should have placed the plane, the truck or even the figures.I have made up my mind to set the direction of my next dios the way I feel it's good. That also means that I'll never get disappointed again if I don't get a medal or something. As for the gold and silver medals in the contest you'll be the first to know in this blog.
Cheers to all,