Friday 20 November 2015

Nakajima E8N "Dave" by Saitoh Hisao

Master Modeller and good Arawasi friend, Saitoh Hisao, finished the recently released Hasegawa Nakajima E8N "Dave" in 1:48 and shared photos of his fantastic built. He commented that the fit of the kit is excellent but the strut bracing wires of the after market set have the tendency to bend after being glued to the wing. As he always does Saitoh-san masked and painted all the markings for this "Dave" serving with the cruiser "Myoko". He used as his reference a photo featured in the "Nihon Kaigun no Kansaiki to Suijoki" (Carrier aircraft and seaplanes of the IJN) by "Dai Nippon Kaiga".  


David Brizzard said...

Very nice work. Red can be a challenge to paint.
Adding White markings on Red even more of a challenge.
Again, this is a job very well done. I am envious.

The kit slayer said...

Really nice build,thanks for posting the pics. Cant wait to get my "Dave"

Regards tKS

Anonymous said...

Nicely done indeed! It appears that the modeler reduced the rib effect on the wings to give a more scale appearance. Would he be kind enough to tell others how he did this?
Beautiful build.
Pat D

Anonymous said...

A beautiful build and a real inspiration to those of use still learning.

Arawasi said...

Pat, Saitoh-san just emailed and explained that he sanded the rather excessive Hasegawa rib effect to make it look more realistic. As can be seen in photos featured in our latest "Extra #2" release, the rib effect is occasionally indeed quite prominent on the real aircraft. So I guess it depends on the subject of choice and personal taste.

Anonymous said...

Please thank Saitoh-san for me. He did a wonderful build on the "Dave", the rib effect is most realistic, true modeling skill!
Pat D