Saturday 16 January 2016

Collector's Items

Vintage and extremely rare kits recently on sale on the Japanese Ebay.
Do you have any information about them?
KSN/Midori, Nakajima Ki-44 "Shoki", ?
Released 1961. Note the inaccurate tail marking
 based on the "Shoki" transferred in the US.

Otaki, Kawasaki Ki-61 "Hien", 1:50
Won at $US180
Otaki, Yokosuka D4Y "Suisei", 1:50
Currently winning bid $US180
Otaki, Kawasaki Ki-100 "Hien", 1:50
 Currently winning bid $US180
Aoshima, Aichi E16A "Zuiun", 1:72
Cool kit box art but one of the worst kits ever.
Crown, Kawasaki Ki-61 "Hien", 1:144
 Crown, Nakajima Ki-44 "Shoki", 1:144
Sanwa, Mitsubishi A5M "Claude", 1:144 
Sanwa, Nakajima C6N "Saiun", 1:144
Tokyo Plamo, Mitsubishi Ki-46 "Dinah", 1:144
Currently wining bid $US420!!!
Nichimo, Nakajima Ki-44 "Shoki", 1:144


Gus said...


Harold K said...

"Cool kit box art but one of the worst kits ever."

That is SO TRUE of the ancient Aoshima Zuiun. The model has folding wings; but the hinges look like something from a die-cast metal toy!
I bought and built one when the kit was current(!). I didn't like the wing hinges of course; but there was no other 1/72nd scale "Paul", so .....
My oldest built models are nearing 50 years old. I very rarely replace a built model, even though a newer and more accurate kit is available; my old kits remind me of what the hobby was like (and what sort of modeler I was) those many hears ago.
However ... I recently bought one of the excellent Fujimi Zuiuns and I look forward to replacing the Aoshima monstrosity pushed to the rear of one of my IJN/IJAF shelves.

Jacob Terlouw said...

Thanks for these posts George! they are super!!

It's a kind of time traveling for me, I do remember buying those 1/100 Marusan kits in the '60s, they were very cheap,80 cents! ( less than 1/2 $)
and I still have one- the Shinden.and a Sanwa Kyofu, a horrible but rare kit .