Wednesday 20 January 2016

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" - Rabaul - pt2. - video

The narrator explains: 
"America is attacking our hospital ship many times without any shame. The sky over Rabaul is full of clouds, the enemy aircraft managed to hide in them and pass our interceptor screen. All the anti-aircraft batteries are shooting at the same time.
One Consolidated B-24 is shot down. Another one follows. North American B-25 cannot withstand the attacks of our fighters and fly at low altitude trying to escape. 
The enemy is relying on its material strength and sometimes damages our planes by accident.
Enemy fighter P-40.
All the enemy planes escaped and returned to their bases.
In our base everybody is waiting listening to the engine sound of the returning aircraft. 
All the brave soldiers who have returned to base say nothing. But the big bullet holes on the aircraft are a testimony to the hard battle.
The ground crew start to get the aircraft ready for the next battle. The unit commander reports that all the aircraft safely returned to base with amazing military gains. 69 enemy aircraft were shot down.
Suddenly presents from the HQ commander arrive to give joy to the brave soldiers.
All of us at the home front should equally give joy to our brave soldiers by sending them more planes as presents!
Part 3 tomorrow.

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F_IV said...

I've seen quite a few old newsreel pieces, but that one really hasn't lost anything with the years. I felt like I had a sore neck from looking up!