Tuesday 19 January 2016

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" - Rabaul - pt1. - video

A VERY cool and particularly interesting news clip today featuring Mitsubishi A6M "Zeros" operating from Rabaul. It is dated February 16, 1944. This is the first part of the clip, tomorrow we will post the second with a lot more info.
The narrator says:
"This is our base in Rabaul on New Britain island. Stable as a rock. The enemy forces have landed at Roi-Namur and Kwajalein on February 1st. It seems that they didn't come to take only these two islands but they are planning to move on. This landing probably was made with the encirclement of Rabaul in mind. And this battle is hard and important. But there is no reason to worry. Our Sea Wild Eagles every day are shooting down enemy aircraft together with their hopes.
The loud alarm is ringing. A large formation with Consolidated B-24s is approaching. Get on the fighters and take off immediately. The dust is rising and the Sea Eagles are taking off."  
I hope you don't mind the very sad and highly ironic, in retrospect, Japanese war propaganda.

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Honza78 said...

Whoo! I am always delighted by clicking on the blog Wild Eagles !! Thanks.