Thursday 9 June 2016

IPMS “Scalefest”

Grapevine, Texas
June 4th 2016
 This year's show was the usual mix of entries and vendors. A good time to meet like-minded people with a passion for plastic. In this particular case, we shall focus on those entries that have the hinomaru adorning their wings.
One of the notables, in my opinion, was a Nichimo B5N2, which holds up quite well despite it's age. It was also nice to see the Ki-61 and N1K2 in 1/32nd scale. Another model that caught my eye was the Mansyu Ki-98 (kitted by Ming in 1/72nd), a subject you don't see very often. There were, of course, a few A6M Zeros to round out things. (Always a popular subject.)
No multi-engine entries this time, unless you count the JAL Boeing 747! :)
That's it for now.....
- Devlin Chouinard -
P.S. A sort of odd/annoying thing that I have noticed about the plastic modeling "otaku" here, is that some forget to take a shower or take other measures to lessen body odor! REALLY!? In close quarters? It's not "manly" it's damn rude!




Anonymous said...

Great pics. I feel for you. I live in FL but have visited Texas. They both can be hot, and even if you have air conditioning in the car you can sweat while you are driving. I can imagine that some of the attendees drove long distances in the hot sun to attend the show and by the time they got there they were pretty "ripe". If you should ever suspect you would be in the same situation, bring a small kit with soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, deodorant and a change of shirt. Then head to the bathroom and freshen up.

Wind Swords

Fluffy said...

Looks like a nice show! I attended the regional IPMS "Modelfest" here in Florida last weekend. Of the 480 some builds my D3A was the only Japanese aircraft of the Axis planes entered. Fun to represent, but kind of lonely. It was still fun and I bought a couple neat kits while I was there!