Friday 8 July 2016

Showa L2D (Douglas DC-3) - video

A very clear video clip from the NHK collection offering plenty of details for the Navy Type Zero Transport-plane or Showa L2D.
The propaganda script heard in the video says:

Announcement from the Air Defense HQ: air raid warning is over. Everybody, start work
After one enemy aircraft was shot down, the rest run away. A wave of mass production warriors come out of the shelters to their workspace. Have to make up for the minutes lost in the shelter. The mass production fight starts immediately. They all tie around their heads the white hachimaki with the two kanji for “kamikaze”. Build! Send to the Philippine battlefield. Send wings to the heavenly eagles that can defeat the American enemy. Our duty is to build many wings with our spirit in them. The enemy attacks against the mainland including this factory have multiplied. The mainland is also a battlefield. The workers' battle is to fight the enemy aircraft and send wings to skies of the Philippines as soon as possible. University students and volunteer unit members work together wearing the kanji for “kamikaze”. 


David Brizzard said...

Thank you again for yet another great find.

Honza78 said...

Super. :)