Thursday 9 February 2017

Emily's here!

The morning's here
Emily's here
My wallet's clear
Wife shed a tear
Will cut on beer, but
Emily's here
 ("Friends" fans know the music to the above lyrics)

Okay, first of all the kit is HUGE! The biggest Japanese aircraft kit I've ever seen. Yes, bigger than the old Hasegawa "Mavis". Dimensions are 41X27X11cm!!! And heavy, 1kg!!!
It has a 16-page instruction booklet, a dozen trees plus two for the clear parts, a huge decal sheet giving markings for three different aircraft AND special masking sheet for the clear parts (canopy, nose, turrets) PLUS an excellent poster in color with an illustration showing the interior of the aircraft.



D. Chouinard said...

Whoo-hoo! And there was much rejoicing! (Really, there is!)

The kit slayer said...

I dont know where Ill store it..............Ill worry about that after I built it.

Brendan McGovern said...

Mine's on the way. Glad to see there's more than one marking option. I wonder, if this kit does well, if Hasegawa will update the H6K as well?

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to receiving mine !!...looks brilliant.

Unknown said...

Hi George!
Already sent e-mail mine!!! hehe... :)

Unknown said...

Hello - fantastic that Hasegawa has produced a completely new kit. But are those panel lines way overscale? Regards Paul