Saturday 18 February 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 003 - Cameron Lohmann

This is a 1/72 Profiline kit Let L-13A Blanik. The kit says it's from the the F-Air Flight School Aeroclub, Benesov in the Czech Republic 2008. So apparently it doesn't have much to do with Japan but for the paint job. I wanted to try some different modeling techniques and used this as my experiment. Something different just for fun.
Cameron "ArchFluffy" Lohmann - Florida, USA


Honza78 said...

Yes, it is Blanik us from the Czech Republic. And it is one of the best that ever flew. And it is true that it really has nothing to do with Japan. :) But even so, this gorgeous model Czech legend Gliding.

Anonymous said...

The L-13 Blaník glider is used in many countries in eastern and western Europe, and the US Air Force Academy, and of course as the picture link provided by Jan shows, in Japan. More than half a century after its first flight it is still the most common glider in the world.

My vote is 3.8.

Wind Swords

D. Chouinard said...

A model you don't see very often! Japanese markings and Czech registration? :) They seem to suit the type.... 3.0

Honza78 said...

L-13A registration OK-1827, is kept at the airport in Benesov (LKBE), Czech Republic.
The coat is gorgeous, but it's not Japanese L-13A.
Just for clarification. ;)

Otherwise, really beautiful model. I give 3.6.

Fluffy said...

Thank you for the kind words and the link to the pic!

I've never made a civilian build before and wanted something different. I remembered all the pics posted about gliders and decided to look for that type of kit. When I saw this one I couldn't resist :P

However, it isn't really Japanese at all so lets just say I'm tagging along.


Arawasi said...

I like the originality of the subject. I only wish we could see more Japanese glider models. 4.00