Saturday 11 February 2017

"Frank in and out" by Panagiotis Koubetsos

Hi all,
It was my first natural metal finish attempt and at the same time the last Japanese project. So I did my best to show justice to the fastest Japanese aeroplane in WW2.Both kits were from Hasegawa and I added a lot of scratchwork having a sufficient ref material at hand partly due to George Eleftheriou's help. A lot of effort was put on the modelling bench but the final result-I think- was worth it. I called the project ''Frank in and out'' for obvious! I hope you like my work..
The NMF Hayate got the gold medal,the best aircraft and the Best Of Show award in last year's Greek IPMS competition. I'm really happy a Japanese aeroplane made it to the top!
Panagiotis Koubetsos - Greece
I heard that Panagiotis is considering this project to be his last Japanese aviation subject. I'm sure we all agree that we would very much like to see more Japanese aircraft models from Master Modeller Panagiotis Koubetsos. Leave a message if you want him to continue building Japanese aircraft or change to modern Greek aviation.





Anonymous said...

I am just speechless...

Ok, I have found my voice again. The fully camouflaged Hayate ("Frank Out") depicts a Ki-84 of the 47th Sentai, 3rd Chutai, flown by the Chutai commanding officer Capt Teiichi Hatano.

The NMF Hayate looks so real and detailed I swear you could attach the panels and start up the engine and fly it away!

Wind Swords

D. Chouinard said...

Absolutely stunning!I really like the NMF technique, it looks very real. The amount of detail work is amazing, as is the finish and weathering. Simply, this is how it's done, and I can see why they won the awards they did.

Panagiotis, I wouldn't mind seeing more Japanese subjects. I know you put in a lot of effort on each build, thus it's possible to get burned out on a particular subject. However, I think you have wonderful support from all here.
Thank you for sharing!

Bueler said...

Shear amazement! I am inspired by your Japanese subjects, that astound me at the beauty and realism you are able to capture. Your medium of plastic, is as incredible as a master painter, such as Van Gogh or that of Monet, Rembrandt or Turner. Please don't stop pursuing the utterly, facinating subject material of Japanese aircraft, of the Second World War. If you published a pistorial magazine or book it would surely sell!
I would be the first to buy a copy, to pour over and gaze at for hours. Just a suggestion, but selfishly I hope you would consider it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Sam Bueler

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Bueler. Maybe Arawasi could publish a special issue of Panagiotis' works, with lots of pics and modeling tips tips the artist himself. I know I would buy it.

Wind Swords

Honza78 said...

Unreal! One word perfect.

The kit slayer said...

The man is a master modeller. Im sure what ever he builds will be first class.

Please dont abandon your Japanese subjects totally.

Fluffy said...

That is amazing!

I especially like the... everything. Wow!


Calin Ungureanu said...

Mind blowing as usual.
But I will concentrate to the imminent lost of one of the best IJA/IJN modelers.
Although I could understand that modern Greek subjects may be a choice of hearth for a Greek modeler, I will ask him to think again when putting barriers to his creativity.
Once, I almost swear that I will build nothing else than Focke Wulf subjects and the curiosity bring me to build and paint Japanese subjects that are such a source of diversity. Let alone that, now I'm building a Russian (Su2).
So I would say: Never say never in modeling.
My respects for those models and for the work and documentation involved in them. Everybody can do models but very few can get at this level.

Unknown said...

Good stuff hare!
I am sure Panos will be tempted to try his hand on a Japanese beauty again sometime in the future.
If not...we'll have to make him!!!

Alex Angelopoulos

Pankoub said...

First, I would like to thank you all so much for your warm and kind comments which I do appreciate.
To begin with, I would like to thank George Eleftheriou for all his help during the last 8 years. I had been modeling WW2 Japanese aviation. However, I think George has made a slight mistake as I do not like modern aviation at all and centerly propeller planes are and will stay my cup of tea. :)
I intend to build models of planes and sometimes military trucks or AA guns exhibited at the Hellenic Air Force Museum which is situated just a couple of kilometers away from my home. Call it repressed desires, but anytime I need any information or querries regarding the models I build, I ride my Transalp bike and using my cellphone I take pictures of the things I have questions about on the spot. (Sugee)! :D
My interest in IJNAF and IJAAF will never cease and for that reason I keep a page on Facebook called "Japanese WW2 aviation fans".
P.S.: Hmm, if Hasegawa or Tamiya decide to release a "Helen" or a "Sally" in a 1/48 scale I may change my mind. :P
Cheers to all,
Panagiotis "Tokkotai" Koubetsos.

Dan G. said...