Friday 3 March 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 003 - And the winner is...

...I have no idea! This is a very close call so I'd like to hear from you all this weekend. Leave a comment below with your choice for the winner of this competition. Mine would be Mike Terre.
Contributors to the contest can also comment, just don't chose yourself!

Thank you all for the weekend feedback. Would you agree to have two winners this time too; Mike and Danilo?

OKAY! Kiri said she liked both equally but would go for Mike's because it was more eye-catching and interesting as a subject. So the winner of our 3rd on-line modelling contest is MIKE TERRE.
I would like to congratulate Mike and Danilo for their chivalry and all the other contestants for the very interesting models. Rene's "Babs" presentation was fantastic and it was great to see Carlo's passenger 747 and Cameron's glider! Not to forget Derek's brave and very good looking effort with the old LS kit.

It seems to me though there was not so much variety of subjects as I would have expected. So, since we are going to have a contest with the same subject next year, I would like to take this chance and make a list of all the kits and decal sets available in any scale for Civilian Japanese aviation subjects. I would very much like to have feedback from everybody since I'm not that knowledgeable about kits of non-Japanese planes.

For decals there are the three sets from "RISING DECALS" in 1/72:
1 - 72-031 J-BIRDs Japanese Aircraft in Civil Service
with markings for:
Tachikawa Ki-9 "J-ABTQ", belonging to the Miyakonojo Aviation School
Nakajima Ki-27 "J-AJTR", belonging to the Matsudo Central Aviation School
Hansa Type "J-BAWI", belonging to the Sakai City Schoolchildren´s Flying Association
Beechcraft C-17E "J-BAOI", flown by Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha

It's a very good decal set with interesting options. I started building the "Nate" but Danilo beat me to it. Also started the Beechcraft with the Sword kit and I think I will have it ready for next year. There is unfortunately a mistake in the decal instructions; J-BAOI didn't have hinomaru. Perhaps some time later they were applied but there are no known photos to show how they looked like.
Although the RS Model kit for the "Spruce" is not bad I think this decal set would be much better in 1/48 where we have the great Mania/Hasegawa kit for the "Nate" and the splendid kit for "Spruce" by Nichimo. Check here for two amazing Beechcraft and Hansa models in 1/48.

2 - 72-039 J-BIRDs Japanese Aircraft in Civil Service Part II
with markings for:
Fokker F.VIIb/3m "J-BBZO", flown by Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha
Mitsubishi Karigane II (Ki-15-II) "J-BACL", belonging to the Domei News AgencyNakajima Ko-3 (Nieuport 24) "J-BAFC", Osaka Mainichi Shimbun

This is also a very interesting set but I have no idea if there are and good kits except for the old but always great LS kit for the "Babs". Ofcourse Mike did a splendid job with his Nieuport 24 but are there any suggestions for the Fokker Tri-motor? And how about in 1/48? There is no "Babs" kit in that scale but how about a Nieuport 24?

3 - 72-062 J-BIRDs Pt.III
with markings for:
Doglas DC-2 Dakota "J-BDOL", "Kashiwa", Dai Nippon Koku Kabushiki Kaisha
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth "J-APAE", "Hayabusa", Kwantung Provincial Police, Manchuria
Junkers F-13 "J-BAZG", "Dai Nana Giyuu", Nippon Koku-Yuso Kenkyujo

I'm completely lost with this decal set. Your thoughts and suggestions?

All images from the "Rising Decal" site, here.

To be continued...

Our 4th contest starts from March 15 and the subject is "Hayabusa".
Excuses like "I haven't or don't want to build any "Hayabusa"" are unacceptable.


David Brizzard said...

I agree. Mike Terre. Winner.

Honza78 said...

1. - 1/72 Nakajima Ki-27 "Nate" by Danilo Renzulli.
2. - 1/72 Nakajima-Neuport 24 by Mike Terre.
3. - 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-15-1 Kamikaze and Asakaze by Rene de Koning.

Anonymous said...

For me is a close call between Mike and Danilo. They are both original subjects beautifully realised. In the end I would go for Danilo.



Anonymous said...

IMHO Mike Terre
Really eye catching

Mikhail Ageenko

Unknown said...

My pick would be the Ki-27 by Danilo Renzulli.


D. Chouinard said...

This is hard.....
I think Mike Terre followed VERY closely by Danilo Renzulli. Hot on the heels of Danilo would be Rene de Koning. I like all for different reasons!

Anonymous said...

I gave both Mike and Danilo's efforts a 4.2. If I had to choose between them I would give a slight edge to Mike.

Wind Swords

Danilo said...

Ok. Since Mike Terre has collected the higher score - so it seems by the points and comments he collected - I'll be happy he's the winner. I think he absolutely deserves it.
Many thanks to everybody of appreciating my Ki-27.


Fluffy said...

I think Mike Terre takes the win. I love so many of these builds the variety is wonderful! 2nd I'd place Rene De Koning.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Mike Terre. I'm astonished at all the favorable comments concerning my Nieuport. This is the first time I've ever entered an online competition such as this. I've got to say that I admire Danilo's Ki-27 as he managed to capture that crazy grey-green color that the Japanese used. I've used Tamiya XF-12 J.N Grey but his scheme is much more accurate. Well done Danilo!��

Fluffy said...

Two winners? Either that or have a B-B-B-B-B-Build Off! (*cool macho action voice with echo)

I think two winners works best though :)


D. Chouinard said...

I agree with Fluffy. Both Mike's and Danilo's builds are very good, and as said before, I like both for different reasons. 1/72nd biplanes can be a difficult subject to work with and need some skill to be presentable. Mike has done this for sure. Good colors, finish, and weathering can make or break a model, and this is in Danilo's favor.

Personally, i just like seeing everyone's work!