Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sopwith 2 Reconnaissance

In March 1918 two Sopwith Strutter Model 1 built in France by Lioré et Olivier were imported by Japan. They were tested as reconnaissance or twin-seat fighter showing exceptional performance in multiple roles. The IJAAF immediately made plans to have them produced locally so the Balloon Research Group based in Tokorozawa imported engines and started building them. The first was completed in November 1918 and by next year ten more were built. In March 1920 the Tokorozawa brunch of the Army depot started building the type and by the end of the year they had built five more. In total, two were imported and 15 were built in Japan.
 The photo from a vintage postcard bellow was taken in Mikatahara airfield.

I don't think the guy in the middle could have chosen a more inappropriate moment to scratch his balls!

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