Thursday 25 October 2012

Vintage ads

Two vintage fountain pen ads today. Don't forget to visit the links for more interesting information about the companies.

Hoe and sword - Pen and sword
Ideal for giving consolation at the front
From 2.00Yen
More about the "Pilot" company, here.

Superior domestic product
Modern technology. Good writing. Excellent materials. Long life.
Avialable at stationary and department stores
Tokyo, Co. Ltd, Ishikawa fountain pen points manufacturer
Check here for more about the "Zebra" pen company.  

1 comment:

D. Chouinard said...

Well, I have been using Pilot brand pens for years, and now I have some history behind the name! I can't say that I have used Zebra brand, but I have a huge collection of writing/drawing utensils, so I may have in the past.
Most of the time, you never give a thought about the products you use, or the name on said product. Thanks for providing a little bit of history! (And the aviation tie-in!)