Thursday 11 October 2012

Tachikawa (Ishikawajima) KKY-1 & KKY-2

Our good friend Harold K sent us the following heads-up:
"A new release from Amodel (as shown on the Modelimex site HERE); two other variants as well. I have never even heard of this airplane; can you tell us something about it?"

First the KKY-1.

It was designed by Endo Ryokichi under the supervision of Nakagawa Moriyuki inspired by imported deHavilland D.H. 83 Fox Moth. The designation KKY stands for "Kogata Kei Kanja Yusoki" (Small Type Light Patient Transport). The first prototype was completed in the beginning of December 1933 with the first flight taking place on December 9. It was not built under orders of the Army so it didn't have any Ki or Shi registration but it was still an Army type. It could carry two patients on stretchers, one medical attendant and medical supplies. It could land and take off from short airstrips making it particularly useful for emergency evacuations. Total 25 were produced until 1940.
Originally the type was fitted with a Cirrus Hermes Mk.IV and was registered KKY-1 but due to vibration problems the engine was changed to Gasuden Jinpu Model 3, 150hp which solved the problems and increased the overall performance. With the Gasuden engine the designation became KKY-2. Originally the propeller was metal but later it was wooden. The type was widely used during the Sino-Japanese War in patient transport and communication duties until the beginning of the Pacific War.
Most of them were Aikoku (donated) aircraft. Three examples below.

Aikoku 97 "Osaka Yakushu Seiyaku" - Donated by drug manufacturing and retailer associations on April 22, 1934. Note the metal propeller.

Aikoku 127 "Katoriku" - Donated by Catholic groups of Nagasaki in May 1937. Wooden propeller.

Aikoku 136 "Shonen Sekijuji" - Donated by the Japanese Red Cross and their Youth Organisations on May 30, 1938.

Tachikawa KKY-1 Data (source - vintage publication):
Span: 10m / Length: 7.933m / Height: 2.932 / Wing area: 22 sqm / Weights Empty: 626kg / Cargo: 361kg (standard), 431kg (max) / Loaded weight: 987kg (standard), 1,057kg (max) / Wing Loading: 45 kg/sqm / Power loading: 8.2 kg/hp
Max speed: 182 km/h (at low altitude) / Landing speed: 85 km/h / Climb to 1000 in 5.55 mins, 3000m 26,30mins / Service ceiling: 3,600m (normal), 4,300(design) / Flight time: 4h / Take-off distance: 150m / Landing distance: 180m

Amodel has also released the KKY-2 version (HERE) which is very camera-shy with only a couple photos I know of. Very interesting releases by Amodel.

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Harold K said...

Looking at your first photo, I can see how Amodel developed their box art, LOL!
The "Katoriku" aircraft is a fascinating reminder of Nagasaki's place as a center of Christianity in Japan pre-war.
Thanks George.