Wednesday 22 May 2013

SHIZUOKA 2013 - pt. 6 - BEST of the BEST!!!

Okay. Here are the models we believe were the BEST of the BEST in the show.

Master modeller Saito Hisao of Tokushima Modelers Club exhibited three spectacular Japanese aircraft. All markings...repeat...ALL markings are not decals but painted using maskings. 

 Kawasaki Ki-45-Hei of the 4th Sentai, pilot 2nd Lt Kimura. Featured in the magazine Hobby Japan, Hasegawa 1:48.

 Hansa Brandenburg J-BAWA presented to the Sakai City Schoolchildren's Flying Association in 1932. Flashback 1:48 remodelled W29, fuselage half scratch built.

 Beechcraft C-17E J-BAOI of Nippon Koku Yuso KK. Roden 1:48. Saito-san explained that the kit had various problems especially fitting.

Komuro Seizi of Matsudo Meisaikai presented two unbelievable models.
Both were completely scratch built using WPC (wood-plastic composite) in scale 1:32. Note the amazingly accurate (in our opinion) colours.

Army Ko-4 Fighter (Nieuport 29C1)

Nakajima Type 91 Fighter (NC)
 Go HERE for a detailed and most interesting WIP.
(I don't want to hear any more complaints about how Tamigawa haven't released your favourite model, that's why you built yet another Zero)

In the 1:72 we would like to congratulate two modellers for showing exceptional skill and ingenuity.

Sotoki Hisami of Smithsonian Model Club modified a Fujimi kit to create this wonderful Mitsubishi A5M3a ("Claude" with Hispano-Suiza engine). Excellent in every respect.

And an unfortunately unknown (申し訳ありません。作者の名前がわかりません) modellerr of Museo 72 that built this Fujimi Mitsubishi A5M2a "Claude" of 13Ku, pilot Aso Tetsuro. The photo doesn't do justice to the absolutely brilliant paint job.

That's all folks!


Panagiotis said...

Fantastic coverage Giorgos!!
BTW,what have you got in that Tamiya bag??Send a report to if that's ok!

Arawasi said...

Thanks Pano.
Catalogues mostly.
I've put up a report with photos in modelclub. Check it out.

D. Chouinard said...


And it's one thing to start from a kit, it's quite another to scratch build, the WIP on the Type 91 is very interesting. Stunning work all around!

It looks like you both had a great time!