Saturday 30 November 2013

Kyushu K11W "Shiragiku" pt. 5

AFAIK there are only four kits of the type. Three in 1/72 and one in 1/144.
First up the Pavla kit.

It's limited-run with excess flash and certainly a challenge to fit.

There are some photo-etched cockpit details.

The kit provides two vac formed canopies.

 The decals are for three options but the painting instructions are rather confusing recommending trainer orange and "Light Gray". Anyway, one scheme is a plane belonging to the Chimtao(sic) Ku with green over trainer orange, one from the Tokushima Ku with the same paint job and the last one is for a surrendered plane, overall white with green crosses.

The second kit in 1/72 is from Tsukuda Hobby, vac fuselage, injection wings and other details, metal spinner and prop.

And the last one in 1/72 is from the Spanish company Bum (from here).

In 1/144 there is the FE Resin kit from the Czech Republic with resin parts.


fugaku said...

Great series of posts, very interesting! Sure was an ungainly-looking bird though. Not sure I'd choose to model this particular aircraft... :)

Arawasi said...

Thanks fugaku! Appreciated. An extremely cool Fugaku is on the way. Stay tuned!

Panagiotis said...

George at his best! Keep up the good work my friend!

R. Vieira said...

Hi George,

The Bum kit is just a rebox (and very bad at that, with awful decals) of the Pavla one.


Arawasi said...

Thank you Ruy!