Sunday, 1 December 2013

The 1/144 Collection of Mr. Paul Bors Pt. 1

All models are in 1/144 and were built by Mr Paul Bors, an 86-year-old member of IPMS Austria. In spite of his age he is very engaged in the club activities and thoroughly enjoys modelling. He learnt to fly during WWII and later worked for the Swiss Air. He is very open minded, always eager to to study and learn new things about the history of  aviation. His enthusiasm and young spirit is a good example for the younger generation.
Thank you very much Mr. Bors for sharing photos of your collection with our blog.  

1 comment:

Jacob Terlouw said...

Good to see those kits in 1/144, I guess the Emily is an Otaki kit, the Mavis -Trumpeter, the Rufe a Sweet one, but he Ohka's and the twin engine plane?
Respect to this man because such small kist are not always 'easy builts'.
Never seen 'm before in this scale. Please tell us more about 'm.