Wednesday 29 January 2014

Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" (Jack) #5 Kugisho J2M2

Today we post artwork created by Devlin Chouinard based on the photos featured in FAOW#61 p.24, Model Art#470 p.34 & MA#831 p.38.
According to the captions the photos were taken in the winter of '43-'44 at Oppama base. It belongs to the Kugisho (the test department of the IJNAF) and the pilot in the cockpit is LCDR Kofukuda. The plane lucks gunsight in the cockpit and probably all its armament. It has also grease applied on all the wing and tail edges to avoid ice from accumulating. Unfortunately the whole tail marking is not visible in the photos. Here we chose the random number 2 making the tail number "コ-J2-22" (KO-J2-22). Note that the fuselage machine gun muzzle trough is further forward than the later version shown on our previous post.

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