Friday 8 August 2014

INDONESIA #2 - Jakarta - the guns

On Tuesday we flew to Jakarta where we had the chance to meet again our very good friend Sinang Aribowo at the excellent model shop "Peter & Partner" which you should definitely visit at the Central Park Mall if you ever find yourself in Jakarta.
Soon we were joined by more modellers and we were particularly happy to meet for the first time in person Mr. Iwan Winarta and enjoy dinner his family.
Sinang, Arawasi team, Iwan and Mr. Alex Sidharta
The next day we visited the Abri Satriamandala Armed Forces Museum.
Although old and not properly looked after it actually has an impressive collection of IJAAF and IJNAF machine guns. The photo shooting conditions were not the best (basement with no light) and the mosquitoes were particularly aggressive but we hope you will enjoy the photos.

Army Type 89 twin flexible. Installed on all the older IJAAF bombers including, "Lily" and "Sally".  

Army Type 100 / Type 1 twin flexible

Army Te-4. In case you are not familiar with the gun, it was one of the main machine guns of the IJAAF and was installed on the "Sonia", the Ki-36 "Ida", the "Lily", "Sally", "Helen" and more.  

Army Type 98 flexible (copy of the German MG 15). It was installed on the "Lily" (front gunner), the "Nick", "Peggy" and more.

A second Army Te-4

And a Navy Type 92 flexible (copy of the Lewis) in brilliant condition. I hope you won't ask on which aircraft it was installed. 


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Pankoub said...

I will "kill" you filaraki! I've been trying for ages to find some more detail about the twin flexible MG I've scratched and you come now showing those nice details of it..Really jealous I am, wonderful places there and nice exhibits! Should I say 'kalo himona'?