Sunday 10 August 2014

INDONESIA #3 - Jakarta - Willow

The museum has two beauties. The first is the sole surviving in the world Yokosuka/Kawanishi K5Y1 "Akatonbo" (Willow). She is in fairly good condition considering it has been standing outdoors all these years. Most of the fabric surfaces are covered with protective tape and the tires look recently replaced. But wherever the wood is visible it looks in good condition and the frame probably as well even though there are bird nests here and there.
Iwan, Arawasi team and Sinang
We badly wanted to take photos of the cockpit and we were scratching our heads for some time standing in awe in front of the Willow, not wanting in the least to cause even the slightest damage. There was absolutely nobody around and while we were pondering what to do a small group of children started playing around and ON the aircraft. Finally Sinang decided to give it a try and here are the results.

As you can see the cockpit retains plenty of it's original colour and, incredibly, a few instruments!!! Notably the ignition switch, the fuel pressure gauge, the cylinder temperature gauge, the fuel gauge of the front tank, the variometer, airspeed indicator and altimeter. 
After a few moments the kids, Riski, Arya, Ilhan and Dimas, were not shy at all to climb all over the place! Well, if we were many years younger and plenty of kilos lighter we might have done the same.
Of particular interest is the engine data plate.
Here's what we are able to discern.
And here's the translation. Would very much like to hear from engine experts for additions and corrections.


Anonymous said...

Great find George. Too bad its outside where it can be a bird's nest. The completeness of this aircraft simply cries out for a full restoration and placement in a proper museum. What is the condition of the engine?

J Godwin

Peter Dasso said...

Nice pictures, reminds me of my trip last year to the Royal Thai Air Force museum in Bangkok, which also has a lot of planes outdoors where anybody can walk up to them and take pictures inside (including a Ki-36)

Arawasi said...

J, the engine is missing a few parts but is in generally not bad condition. I've seen better and I've seen worse. Yes, I agree that with proper care the whole aircraft could be restored into a much much better codnition.

Peter, the museum in Bangkok is in-doors and offers rather good protection. In Jakarta it's outdoors. Actually the museum flooded a couple years ago that's why the placed the aircraft on pedestals. (small correction: it's a Ki-55 trainer; not a Ki-36 ground attack)

Peter Dasso said...

Ah, I see. Half the planes in Bangkok are outdoors, at least the interesting ones were for me! I'm surprised that either museum has more Japanese vintage items considering how many must have been lent during the war or abandoned afterwards.

Is there any info on the story of the particular Willow you saw & when it was in service?

Arawasi said...

Peter, unfortunately I don't know anything about the history of these two particular aircraft.