Thursday 30 March 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 004 - JEAN BARBY

Ki-43 of 2nd Chutai leader Miyamaru Masao 50th Sentai Burma 1943. Click HERE for more.


Ki-43 II 64th Sentai 2nd chutai Burma 1944 (Fine molds 1/48th). Click HERE for more.
Ki-43IIIa Fine Molds 1/48th. 48th Hiko Sentai First Chutai in China in 1945. I have used the hairspray technic for the chipping and Mr Color lacquer for the paint.


Arawasi said...

5.0 & 5.0

Anonymous said...

Terrific work, great detail. 4.7

Wind Swords

zegeye said...

I like them very much. 4.8 from me. If I could ask .... what paints were used for the Masao plane?

Honza78 said...


4,1 & 4,3!

D. Chouinard said...

Brilliant! I like them both! 5.0

The kit slayer said...

Nice finish on both (well built) models. I especially like your choice of schemes.

A 5 for both from me.

Calin Ungureanu said...

Although the second one has an astonishing quantity of work in it and very subtle effects of the painting, I like the appearance of the first one.
That one has very good chipping and the colors are spot-on at least for my taste.
I will vote 5 for the first one and keep secret the vote for the second ;).

Arawasi said...

And 5.0

Fluffy said...

I see a 4.5 and two 4.8s This is great work!

Unknown said...

Amazing subjects and builds these are, very nice riveting too.
Higher resolution photos would do more justice for the second air frame.
The chipping on the underside of the third air frame might be a bit heavy in my opinion as airflow is faster on the upper side. Interesting that it doesn't have Aotake.
5.0, 5.0, 4.8 for me.