Saturday 24 November 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 010 - VICTOR KLOCHKOV #2

This model is Revell-Takara N1K1-Ja in 32nd scale finished three weeks ago.
Landing gear bay, cockpit area and flaps were redone or scratch-builded. Exausts were made from thin aluminium.
- Victor Klochkov, Russia -


Arawasi said...

These two models by Mr. Klochkov are perfect examples of what I mean when I'm talking about balance between "factory fresh" and "Spanish school". To me they are the perfect Shiden models for their scale regarding finish. So I won't hesitate to give this one another 10 Bravo!

Serge said...

This model was painted with AKAN colors. Same "salt method" was applied.
For firs look it is more simple work then previous Shiden-Kai, but it is not true. Detailing of this kit is very-very simple. Big parts, like wing and fuselage are in good shape, but small details are horrible. It was built by Victor for my request, so I asked to do not many rework, because all of this could force a modeler to give up. Nevertheless, cockpit-area was scratch-builded, rivets were redone in some areas. Tailwheel's covering was repainted after photo-session (it's painted in aluminium by mistake here).
More photos are here:

Toryu said...

A great model, too. Just a notion less than the previous one. 9.0

George Bryant said...

This is by far the finest rendition of the Revell/Takara Shinden I've ever seen. A 10 in my book.