Tuesday 18 December 2012

Aichi E16A "Zuiun" (Paul) - #3 - Kits and modeling stuff

Aoshima *1 

Miyazawa (resin)

Fujimi C14 with catapult
Fujimi C14


Fujimi C31
Fujimi C30
Special Hobby
After-market canopy masking by
Bad Man for the Fujimi kits
FToys *2
FToys *2
After-market decals for the FToys kit by MYK Design

*1 - "Early 1960s Japanese kit with high gloss box top and very collectible box art. Wings fold and has options of two different (open or closed) windshields. Model is made to be motorized. Includes wiring, display stand and clear battery box. As with most all early Japanese motorized kits, the motor/battery box was not included for customs/import reasons. "(From here) Bad kit with plenty of pimples. 

*2 - FToys have released four Zuiun versions pre-painted and ready-to-assemble
in their "Seaplane Collection 2" series. 

*3 - As far as I know there has never been released any Zuiun kit in larger scale. Correct?

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Anonymous said...

Altough the 'early sixties' kits of japanese warplanes were bad by today's standard the boxart was quite good and inspiring(Aosima). When I find a nice one I always buy 'm, especially the Marusan 1/100 ones had nice boxes
Thanks for showing and sharing.