Monday 3 December 2012

BREAKING NEWS - "The D4Y "Judy" starts up!"

"This is the first time since 1945 that the Judy has run. This aircraft was recovered in the South Pacific in 1994 and acquired by the POF Museum in 2000. To say we are happy to see it run is an understatement! It is because of the hard work, dedication and determination of the following: Ed Maloney, who personally saw to it that the plane would be completed. Duane Lurgen, who piece by piece put it together; cutting and shaping sheet metal and repairing the damage - working many 12 hour days. John Maloney who helped with the engine work and painted it. Steve Hinton, shown above, who finished the work needed to get it running for tomorrow's event, and Tom Freidkin who generously donated the engine. We would also like to mention the volunteers who donated their time to help out whenever possible."

Photo and text from Planes-of-Fame-Air-Museum facebook page, HERE. Check the page for more photos and news.

Also, Jim Stuhler mentioned in a Hyperscale posting:
"...the Judy will not be a flyer. There's just too much corrosion in the wing. 

The engine was run for the first time yesterday (29/11), and she will be featured at tomorrow's Monthly Event, along with our "Tora!Tora!Tora!" Val replica. The plan is to maintain her as a taxiable replica. 

My team and I are working energetically to finish the flaps and ailerons before next May's airshow. Might sound easy, but there are only 3 of us, and we all have real jobs, so we only get to work on her on Saturdays. This is the first WWII-vintage airplane that I've come across that has fabric-covered flaps."


Harold K said...

"taxiable replica"

This phrase makes me wonder how much of the airframe is original.

Anonymous said...

But a beauty it is!

Hub said...

I believe they use "replica" because as recovered it was the in-line engined variant and due to the condition of the engine and lack of replacements they decided to turn it into the radial version. But from my contacts at POF a large amount is original.

Harold K said...

Cheers Hub; that's an interesting way of handling a restoration.