Saturday 15 February 2014

IJNAF & IJAAF pilot equipment

Recently three interesting items were on-sale on Japanese ebay. We hope you find the photos interesting.
First is an IJNAF life vest.
It's late production model first adopted in 1942.
The inscription in the back says that it was property of the Yokosuka Naval Destrict and belonged to Flight Petty Officer Otsuka.


The two other pieces of equipment were IJAAF.
First a Type 92 parachute for crew member (not pilot), manufactured by Fujikura Koku Kogyo. Serial number is 15129 and manufacture date is December 18, 1943.

And the harness for the above parachute. Manufacturer and date are the same.

The quite worn IJNAF life vest goes for $US2100. The IJAAF parachute was sold rather cheaply for about $US800 but the harness reached the incredible $US4400!  
Fujikura Parachute Co. Ltd. was founded in 1939 and is still manufacturing parachutes.

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