Wednesday 12 February 2014

Kawasaki KDA-7 / Ki-3

Army Type 93 Single-engine Light Bomber or Kawasaki Ki-3.
The Wikipedia entry is here and below is a photo of the first prototype which was "designed by the German engineer Dr. Richard Vogt, who was working in Japan at the time. Takeo Doi the future chief designer for Kawasaki, worked as Vogt's assistant on the project" and used their experience with the Kawasaki A-6 Communication Aircraft KDA-6 to build the first prototype which was completed in April 1936. Note the peculiar and rather cumbersome radiator tested only on the first prototype.
This radiator design was obviously not satisfactory so from the second prototype onward all had the more conventional one installed on the Type 92 Fighter or Kawasaki KDA-5.

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